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Chakra Balancing

What is Chakra Balancing?

An energized reprogramming of the vibrational movement of the spherical subtle-energy field.

What are Chakras?
The word ‘chakra’ is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’; but perhaps even a better translation would be spinning wheel. If you could see chakras (as many of us whom work with them do) you would be able to see each primary chakra as a spinning vortex or wheel of energy; spinning inward from the front of your body towards the center point of that chakra on the kundlini and then spinning outward from that same point from your back.

Chakra Locations
The chakras start at the base of the spine and go up through the head on the kundlini which is located almost on your spinal column. The kundlini is shaped like a staff and many have mentioned that the Twenty-third Psalm of The Bible is speaking of the kundlini. Almost all religions believe in the spiritual and energy power points within the human body and these power points are called chakras.

There are seven primary or main chakra points with about a hundred smaller secondary chakras. The smaller points are often called meridians and are used during acupuncture to attune the Chi flow. The secondary chakra points are influenced with action and physicality while the seven primary chakras deal with emotions and spirituality. The primary chakras influence your health greatly, the health concerns related to them are caused by an unbalance in the chakra itself, from an emotional or spiritual cause, which then manifests into a physical ailment. Each chakra relates strongly to a specific part of the body, specific emotions, mental, and spiritual concerns.

Chakras Petals
Each Chakra has a particular number of petals with a Sanskrit alphabet on each petal. The vibration that is produced at each petal is represented by the corresponding Sanskrit letter. Chakra Petals are -

  • Muladhara - 4 petals
  • Svadhishthana- 6 petals
  • Manipura - 10 petals
  • Anahata - 12 petals
  • Vishuddha - 16 petals
  • Ajna - 3 petals
  • Sahastrara - 1000 petals

Chakras Mantras
The sounds of the chakras affect everything in life, in you and around you. Sound changes how the molecules you are composed of relate to one another. Disease first enters through the imbalance of chakras. All disease whether mental or physical can be cured via balancing the chakras. That gives us 4 + 6 + 10 + 12 + 16 + 2 = 50 petals. There are 50 letters in the Sanskrit language, each letter is represented in a petal.

Vibrations of Chakras
Each chakra has a different frequency of vibration, symbol, color, and sound that it is attuned to. When the chakra is balanced, clear, and energized it would be in tune and play the most wonderful sound of it’s own, emitting the proper vibration for that chakra. Many things can effect the vibrations including sounds of voice, drums, music, chants, mantras, the vibrational energy of colors, and of course gemstones. All colors and sounds are vibrations and using the sounds and colors of the chakras assist them in becoming aligned and balanced. The colors of the chakras are that of the rainbow; starting at the root chakra black/red, orange, yellow, green/pink, light blue, indigo, and violet/white for the seventh chakra; as shown in the picture above.

Each chakra needs to be able to function at the correct frequency independently. Each needs to be balanced, clear, energized, and properly spinning. Each time all the chakras reach a level of unison the entire physical vibration of the human body is raised.

Think of a scale of one to ten, with ten being the highest and best. Next, think of each chakra needing to be at the same number on that scale. Once each individual chakra is at the same number your entire physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body raises into its own new vibrational level to match that of the chakras. The more chakra energy work you do the higher your whole body will be raised on this scale with ten being enlightenment while still in this physical human form.

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