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    Kirtan Healing

    In Kirtan Healing Rudra's Energy (Rudra Healing) is distributed to a group of people who are healed to experience serenity and bliss. The higher cosmic energy is invoked touching souls & calming minds.

    Traditionally Kirtan is not chanting or singing. Kirtan has its roots in Vaishanav parivaar with a belief to devotional sing solely for Bal-Krishna. It is performed so that God Krishna can hear, enjoy and perform leelas (divine play); thereby us to experience trance-like state by internally feeling his leelas. Similarly, the objective of Kirtan healing is it is meant to be heard by one's inner-God to rejoice and embrace external-divinity. It came to be to ignite the higher power in oneself and to bring out the meditative and trance-like state. One can feel rejuvenated, re-calibrated, and totally absorbed in divinity.

    Kirtan Healing is very unique. Unlike traditional kirtan chanting or mantra chanting, in order to go in trance state of mind you need to totally focus inwards in semi-meditative state without repeating chants with eyes closed as Rudraji brings the Supreme Divine Energy closer to you so you can see or feel in your desired form, a particular deity or colors.

    At some point the Kirtan Healing would be paused while you are in meditative sleep really connected with the Divine Energy and feeling the warmth. Rudraji takes this opportunity to ensure everyone is feeling the Divine love & seek live higher guidance.

    The art of performing Kirtan Healing is very dear to Rudraji. He loves to bring out the inner higher state for one to realize the divine potential and help them experience serenity. The magnitude with which he heals people in groups  and row seeds of life transformation is very touching and satisfying experience.

    What it feels like during Kirtan Healing?

    • Closing your eyes and rejoicing sound vibration
    • Seeing Om symbol through your third eye
    • Meditating upon your chosen God to feel zest of divinity
    • Rays of lights
    • Feeling presence of God right next to you
    • You being embraced by Divine energy
    • Being lost in ocean of divinity

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