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Mantra Healing

Mantras\Slokas -

"AUM" is the single-most greatest mantra known to humankind.

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There are 70 million maha mantras which emanated from the five faces of Shiva and we can't read all!

In Rig Veda it is declared that only by the grace of the Guru true knowledge is possible. It says "aacaaryavaan purusho veda" Guru is called as Preceptor. When you make a mistake if you go to Guru he can appeal before God and god will forgive you but if you hurt Guru god also won’t forgive you. In our Hindu tradition Guru is the manifestation of God. Rudraji is Guru for many of us who is yet to sail or sailing on stormy seas. Only an enlightened consciousness can explain and heal consciousness.

Om Isha  Vasyam Idam Sarvam , yat kincha jagatyam jagat – Isha Upanishad

All this- whatever exists in this changing universe, is pervaded by consciousness" 

Three things are hard to obtain without God's Grace. They are (1) birth as a human being, (2) desire to know the truth and to get liberated and (3) the attainment of holy Guru.

One entire lifetime is not enough to read Vedas. Even to get to the thought of reading Veda. Once has to go through a lot of purification & realization which is not necessarily rosy path but still world has given many such divine souls who has this inherent desire to heal and raise the vibration of karmic souls. Rudraji is one such divine soul and when I first met him I felt I have known him for many lifetimes. World renowned scientists and scholars reckoned to our Vedas & Upanishads for answers, everyone who went to the source of knowledge never was empty handed. That desire to know answers is often not rosy and that is why we are here to share the knowledge before you need it so that you avoid the pitfalls of life which we choose with our own karmas.

The deepest essence of the Vedas is to share to humanity. Our job is to sow the seed, if it germinates within few months or years that’s fine, Let MAA take her sweet time and let us do our dharma of sowing the seed of Gnana to levitate suffering.

Time is overrated. We add value to time. Time is like space. When you are awake time is flowing non-stop as you are aware of it. Your awareness is the key. In dreams you are aware but cannot act - time jumps. When you sleep time sleeps. Life adds value to time. Time moves forward, life moves backward. Time is father life is mother. The union of time & life is ORDER else its chaos.

Sanskrit language is created for healing energy. 7.83 hertz or the earth’s heartbeat is same as our pulse resonance and as well of our human cells.  Even time reversal of cells can be done with this resonance to our DNA. The bija letters affect our subtle energies in our Naadi’s there are 72000 nadi’s in human body. Uttering bija aksharas or mantras awakens and cleans the naadi’s . But this knowledge is lost and in every incarnation we have been doing good and bad karmas which are carried forward in our ledger. Detoxifying naadi’s at greater depth is time taking., Hence we need a divine life force to uplift us with their energy or at least put us on path to liberation. Sometimes sowing seed is all we have to do, depending on our karma’s we get the fruit.

The whole universe is made of condensed sound. The body itself is sound called as SABDA in Sanskrit. The body can be recreated, reinvigorated  and healed with sound. Sanskrit letters are placed in subtle nadi’s of our body and chanting them activates that part. Einstein also remarked he was wrong that there is no matter – everything is energy taking forms with our intentions. We have to unlock the

Potential with sound & energy. The following quote of Yoga VashiSHTha (SHloka no. 6|1|8|1|39) throws light on the power of Mantra Cikitsa:

Yatha Vireka Kurvanti Haritakya Swabhavata¡ |
Bhavanavashata¡ Karya Thata Paralavadaya¡ ||

Meaning: As Harad (a medicinal herb) activates the digestive system by almost instant cleansing of the stomach, the enunciation – accompanied by thorough mental concentration and faith, of the special syllables like "Yam, "Ram", "Lam", "Vam"..., of the mantras also create definite effects on the body.  

The Nasadiys sukta verses and our Vedas are quoted by many modern scientists & physicists, scholars Who are Nobel Prized all over the world, including, Erwin Schrodinger, Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Julis .R.Oppenheimer, Carl Sagan, Capra, John Archibald Wheeler, Francois .M.Voltaire, Niola Tesla, Einstein, Werner, Heisenberg, Brian  David Josephson, Charles H.Townes , Alfred North Whitehead, Mark twain, Romain Rolland, William James, Henry David Thoreau, Will Durant, Wheeler Willcox, some of them below:

Carl Sagan: The Hinduism is the only one of the world’s greatest faiths dedicated to the idea that cosmos itself undergoes an immense, indeed an infinite number of deaths & rebirths. It is the only religion in which the time scales correspond to those of modern scientific cosmology.

Brian David Josephson: The Vedanta and Samkhya hold the key to the laws of mind and thought process which are co-related to the quantum field i.e. the operation and distribution of particles of atomic and molecular levels.

 Julius R.Oppenheimer: (father of atomic bomb) what we shall find in modern physics is an exemplification, an encouragement and refinement of old Hindu wisdom.

John .A. Wheeler: It is curious that people like Schrodinger, Niels Bohr, Oppenheimer were UPANISHADS scholars.

Wheeler Wilcox: India - The land of Vedas, the remarkable works contain not only religious ideas for a perfect life, but also facts which science has proved true. Electricity, radium, electronics, airship, all were known to the seers who founded the Vedas."