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Spiritual Consultation

Individual Spiritual Consultation with Rudraji. There will be four stages during this sessions – Consultation, Negativity Removal, Divine Healing, & Spiritual Guidance.

  • Method: Zoom or Skype or In-person meeting.
  • Time: Every visit will be entitled to maximum of 60 minutes all inclusive.
  • Questions: You can ask up to 3 questions about anything pertaining to your life in one visit.
  • Expectations: You will be Healed before you leave. Sometimes, there may be a need for a second visit depending on your circumstances.
  • Waiver: You must sign a waiver before scheduling or attending any Healing or Guidance sessions.

Breakdown of four stages during spiritual consultation sessions are:

1. Consultation

  • General consultation & spiritual reading
  • Ask up to three questions
  • Discuss & improvise on life aspects

2. Negativity

  • Remove negativity
  • Annihilate depression*
  • Reduce stress/anxiety

3. Divine Healing

  • Embrace positivity
  • Regain inner strength
  • Improve lifestyle

4. Spiritual Guidance

  • Guidance for spiritual inclination
  • Explore spiritual paths
  • Get Blessed

*Depression: It may take several sessions to full recover from long sustained Depression. Your honest and dedicated participation will endeavor faster results.


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