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The Bliss Food™


Eat food “The Bliss Food” way and start healing yourself from within!

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Below are the guidelines to provide the utmost quality of ENERGY (food) to my YANTRA (body) called – “The Bliss Food”.

What, When & How:

  • Consume only "The Bliss Food"
  • Fixed Intervals
  • Blissful environment
  • Focus on consuming food
  • Eat as prasadam after first offering to the Divine Energy
  • Offer to your Atma
  • Water Intake before\after food
  • Eat Moderately

Modes of Eating:

  • Weekend Pleasures
  • Bed time Tea\Coffee\Juice
  • Breakfast - Bliss Juice
  • Midday Lemon-Juice
  • After work Tea\Coffee\Juice
  • Weekly Family Food Fest

Pause & Recycle:

  • Toxic Removal by fasting Biweekly on Ekadasi (11th day of waxing\waning cycles) and for the entire month of Shravana


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