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    Third Eye Reading

    Third Eye Reading


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    Get the most accurate intuitive readings from our trained and experienced professionals.

    What is Third Eye? Third Eye refers to the energy center in the forehead area that helps a person to receive intuitive messages from divine energies. Third Eye energy can also be used during meditation practice to establish the connection with The Supreme Divine Consciousness. 

    You may be thinking: What is the difference between a Third Eye Reading and a traditional psychic reading? The reader uses the same third eye energy, right? Technically that is true.  The difference is what divine energy is being used to receive messages and how accurate the message is without being filtered by the reader’s own mind and experiences. The Third Eye Reading is done by a reader whose third eye energy has been fully activated and receives their intuitive messages directly from The Supreme Divine Energy, not from spirits. 

    Receive intuitive guidance for all aspects of your life. Release your worries and start the healing process full of hope and positivity. 


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