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    Rudra Healing
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     2 reviews
    by Emy on Rudra Healing
    Yes, Rudraji's sessions and meet ups are pure inspired divine love!

    I strongly reccomend participating to Rudraji's meetings, meditations and healing sessions.
    He is divinely inspired, his level of connection with God is amazing and he speaks words that truly heal your heart and soul.
    Rudraji knows all about working with Divine Energy as the most powerful healing tool. He is a humanitarian lightworker, whose deepest desire is to bring God's love and his messages to everyone.

    by Mandi Wetter on Rudra Healing
    Rudraji and the group are amazing souls and I was amazed to feel the healing light when We sat down in a group & concentrated with Rudra. So wonderful!

    Rudraji and the people in this group are such wonderful beings. They help you feel welcome and “at home” the moment you arrive. After sitting in a group, I could actually feel the healing light that Rudraji activated. It was so amazing and helped me feel warm, calm, yet energetic in an elated and blessed way. I absolutely love ?? joining them in their healing sessions and participating in the discussions and interactions. I will continue to come to these meditations and healings and Love being apart of a loving and mindful group. I definitely recommend Rudrajis sessions to anyone wanting to come and experience an amazing time.