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Cyrstal Healing

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What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal Healing is the healing in which the natural healing power of crystals is enhanced by injecting them with Blessed Energy.

We & Crystals:

Our Energetic body contains energy centers where energy intersects. These energy centers are known as Chakras. As long as these energy centers are stable and harmonious it brings peace and vitality to our being. Removing blockages from these centers is essential and energized crystals can assist with the healing process. And healing through crystals is a very popular method as crystals resonate at a very high frequency, removing these blockages and enhancing your lives.

The Significance of Gemstones:

Every gemstone is said to have different characteristics, energies, and connections. Wearing these stones can empower you to be fully radiant and can enhance specific qualities. Our healing, vibrant stones provides you with healing, purpose and support in your Spiritual journey. The Energy blessing given by Shri Rudraji, takes the dominant characteristic of the healing stones and radiates it, to maximize the overall influence on the wearer.

Blessed Gemstones:

Receiving blessed energized gemstones with TriShakti energy provides inherent wisdom and perfection in all categories of life such as: Balance & Focus, Health & Wellness, Love & Happiness, Passion & Creativity, Spirituality & Faith, Wealth & Success, and Protection from Negativity.

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