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Om Healing™

Om Healing is a system to be healed naturally by inhaling positive cosmic energy and exhaling negativity. The vibrations of chanting "Om" invites positivity, strengthens your aura, and rejuvenates your inner-self.
While Rudra Healing is meant to unlock specific barriers and hidden potential in oneself, Om Healing is the most natural way to clear general impurities. It can take many years to master and enjoy the fruits of Om Healing. Shri Rudraji provides effective guidance by sharing his experience, energy, and healing abilities to help us realize and connect with the power of "Om".
Shri Rudraji encourages everyone to take advantage of Om Healing while at rest in any position\location. It can be done either through internal chants or external chants.

Background -

In ancient Southeast Asia many people, through generations, have practiced waking up early and simply chanting "OM" and meditating upon cosmic energy. They gained vitality and long life; had a healthy body, had a blissful mind, and performed daily duties with vigor and enthusiasm. Shri Rudraji has been keen to awaken souls to practice this form of natural healing.

Best time to perform?

Spiritual attainment achieved through practicing Om Healing in the morning hours before sunrise is most benefitting.

Who can perform?

This type of healing can be performed by anyone who is emerged into Yoga or Meditation activities.

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