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    Remove, Resync, & Recalibrate™

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    There are many ways a soul connects with God. Many times these connections are created through spirit guides. When their personal soulful energy is contaminated with disruptive dark forces, they tend to disrupt other people who are in close proximity. If a person is aware of such a vicious inherited nature of their personal energies, they should take drastic measures to get decontaminated through an intense process of removing these dark forces. This circumstance can be avoided if the being soulfully and consciously takes action to prevent the spirit guides from having that much power over their being. Sometimes people behave differently when energies overpower their soul being. The best way to prevent these types of situations is to have a direct soulful connection to God, where God can protect and guide them as much as He/She can away from such influences.

    God taught Royal Shri Rudraji how to remove decontaminated dark forces and imbalanced energies from an affected person, relinquishing the control of their being to one’s soul, resync their connection with God, recalibrate their mind, and bring solace to that being. This process of removing adversaries and disruptive dark forces from one’s life and establishing a soulful connection with God, is called Remove, Resync, & Recalibrate (RRR).

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