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Rudra Healing™

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Om Tat Purushaya Vidhmahe
Mahadevaya Dhemahi
Tanno Rudra Prachodayath


The most selfless primordial male deity I know.
I meditate upon the supreme deity, Mahadev.
Hey Rudra, bestow your unconditional love and guide me!

What is Rudra Healing?

Rudra Healing consists of Rudra's Energy, the purest and pious form of energy known free from impurities. It is the core cosmic energy emitted by the ultimate supreme Divine Source mentioned in ancient Vedic tradition that has been practiced since centuries in Indian sub-continent.

Importance -

Lord Shiva is associated with both reduction & tonification and detoxification & rejuvenation therapies. Lord Shiva is the supreme healer. Besides, being the first Yoga practitioner (Yogi) he himself is an unconditional Healer. According to Rigveda, Shiva is the ruler of all planets, Bhutas or Pretas, etc. What does all this imply? - Shiva is the primordial deity and together with his Shakti companion are the soul owners of this entire universe. Hence, healing from such a pious form is advantageous and incomparable. And Shivaji is known as the "guardian of time" when he took the form of "MahaKaal". He is known as the controller of North-East (Ishaan) direction, the most important direction in all the religions and belief systems around the globe.

The word "Rudra" in ancient Sanskrit language literally means "mightiest of the mighty". Rudra is the most ferocious protective form of Lord Shiva. This form maximizes the distribution of energies. The Rudra form helps us overcome febrile and infectious diseases. He holds the power of nourishment, rejuvenation and revitalization. His power heals mind, body and soul.

According to Rigveda, Rudra is the most powerful and compassionate healing deity. He is known as the master of "Healing Touch". Even his followers who believe in him unconditionally blindly obtain powers to heal others.

Rudraji has been gifted to tap into this vast ocean of healing, soothing, nurturing energy.

Effect -

Rudra Healing affects Aura, Chakras, Mind, Body and Soul. It balances, nourishes, rejuvenates, & provides a soothing effect affecting entire energy system.

How does it work -

The healer meticulously manifest one's Aura, Chakras, Mind & Soul into a energy matrix format and starts working on healing one at a time with self-invoked cosmic energy.

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