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    Shri Rudraji

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    He is the Divine Force that

    Prevails Positivity & Defeats Negativity.

    Shri Rudraji (Shri Shivshaktiji) has always been motivated to help people on every level. He comes from a social-work oriented family who encouraged him from a young age to help in any way he could. 

    He is a Supreme Divine Healer. He uses his “Tri Shakti Energy” to heal people and help them find their path to success. He provides unconditional love and care to everyone as directed by The Supreme Divine Consciousness.  

    We help heal from negativity aspiring one to prosper in life in all directions gaining 360 wellness

    Spiritual, Health & Wealth



    Bad Luck




    Planetary Positions

    Domestic Violence



    Black Magic

    Although born into a Vaishnava family (worshiping God Krishna), Shri Rudraji has always been attracted towards God Shiv. And often in his sleep he saw himself sitting on top of the Earth meditating and connecting with a bright object radiating warmth. Right from his early childhood he has observe many divine experiences around him.

    He has always been religious, but he had been focused on the lifestyle taught by society. There was a time when Shri Rudraji was pushed to the limit in his life and he decided to not rest until he received an answer from God (The Divine). Yes quite dramatic, but that was when the Divine Energy appeared before him. He was told that whatever happened in his life was to purify him and make him walk the path of spirituality. The Divine made him realize the core purpose of his being as his dormant consciousness was fully awakened. It is during these days that Shri Rudraji was blessed by The Divine with the unveiling of lots of life secrets and experienced communion with The Divine Supreme Energy through Tri Energies or Tri Shakti Energies.

    On The Divine's advice, he started his special diet consisting of two fruits a day, liquids, and meditation for sufficient energy intake. This lasted for a few years and gradually he went into a deeply heightened state of consciousness. And as he was coming out from this state, Shri Rudraji was gifted with Tri-Shakti Energies and thereby Tri Shaktipat, Tri Kriya, Tri Meditation, Tri Yog, Tri Vidhya and many other realized concepts came into being as per Divine guidance.