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    The Rudra Healing Experience™

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    The Rudra Healing ExperienceTM is a three-part process that propels you toward your highest human potential through our No-Touch Beyond MBS Healing SystemTM.

    STEP 1

    First Unlock Yourself™ and overcome the worldly barriers that have held you back in life.

    STEP 2

    Then receive Rudra Healing to restore your whole being along with mind, body and soul.

    STEP 3

    Apply gained positivity to your life to progress on your Blissful Trajectory™.

    We have developed The Rudra Healing ExperienceTM so that people will have the chance to realize their healing needs, and have a wonderful experience that will give them the momentum to not seek healing on a regular basis, and can leverage and sustain healing vibrations from this unique methodological healing.

    What does The Rudra Healing ExperienceTM entails?

    The Rudra Healing ExperienceTM consist of The Father & Mother of Healing, Rudra Healing, at its core and other no-touch types of healing processes to support your experience of the most powerful, Primordial Divine Ocean healing, way to declutter, calibrate, align, and restore your whole being including mind, body, soul and energy field.


    • Reduction of Stress
    • Reduction of Anxiety
    • Reduction of Depression
    • Reduction of Trauma
    • Better Sleep
    • Greater Focus
    • Enhanced Meditative state
    • Body Relaxation
    • Declutter Energy field
    • Cell Rejuvenation
    • Body Healing
    • Calm Mind
    • Improved Eyesight
    • Elevated Wellbeing
    • Boosted Immune System
    • Increased Memory
    • Spiritual Inclination
    • Clear connection with God
    • Synergy with spirit guides
    • Abundance in Theta waves
    • Many other experiences …

    When you come for your The Rudra Healing ExperienceTM you can expect to receive the following in one session (with a 15 minute consultation & goody bag):

    Rudra BreatheTM

    Rudra MusicTM

    Rudra Crystal HealingTM

    Rudra Herbal Detox TreatmentTM

    Rudra LightsTM

    Rudra SoundTM

    Rudra AromatherapyTM

    Rudra Chakra BalancingTM

    Rudra QuantumTM

    Rudra TherapyTM

    Rudra Aura CleansingTM

    Rudra HealingTM

    *People CANNOT participate in The Rudra Healing ExperienceTM if:

    • They have had chemotherapy (contact to discuss exceptions)
    • They have had radiation  (contact to discuss exceptions)
    • There is a pacemaker or electronic medical device in the body
    • There is metal in the body that is magnetic
    • They are pregnant or a chance of being pregnant
    • They have had an organ transplant
    • They have had a skin graft