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    Vastu Consultation

    Vastu is an ancient concept of "multi-directional flow of energy of cosmic energy".

    It is a direct and simple way to understand effects of energy flow through and around a object and a structure. Just like humans have an auric energy field the objects and the structures have energy fields of their own. Free & clear Vastu Energy Flow is directly proportional to an increase of positive cosmic energies and abundance of prosperity and wellness.

    Our Vastu consultations entails analyzing of various placed objects, spaces, doors, kitchen, rooms, entrance, exits, etc. and determining the optimal flow of positive cosmic energy through them.

    When the subtle energy, called Prana, flows properly through our home, business, and community buildings we prosper and feel more joy in our lives. When it is obstructed our health, reputation, wealth and relationships can suffer. Vastu analysis is an invaluable tool towards creating harmony between human made creations and nature. Offering suggestions of the optimal design principles to be used for the construction of new buildings or improving the flow of Prana in existing sites are the aims of this consultation.

    Perform in-depth Vastu energy flow analysis today!