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    About Us

    We are here to provide you the necessary tools to
    Cultivate Inner Strength & Discover Inner Capabilities.

    What does healing mean to you? Everyone has their own perception of what healing means. There are popular healing methods known to everyone, but ask yourself why don’t I feel completely well? Sometimes these healing methods are only able to impact a percentage of healing but may not revamp your life completely like Rudraji would say “1000%”, if approved by The Divine. With The Divine's integration into Rudraji's physical body he provides unconditional ways to feel 1000% well. He is ready to share those teachings and methods with the world. We want everyone to feel and be at 1000%. Why not? Everyone can shine and attain the blissful life that the Divine intended for all human lives.

    We help heal from negativity aspiring one to prosper in life in all directions gaining 360 wellness

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    Planetary Positions

    Domestic Violence



    Black Magic

    The Rudra Healer is a team of experienced healers who can assist with your healing needs. We understand the negative forces in this world, and we remove negativity that may be influencing your life. We also provide other services to help keep your life energy clean.

    We also want to create more awareness for the need to take care of the energies within and around you so that stress and other negativities can’t affect you in adverse ways. So for your regular energy maintenance needs, we have a sister organization called RH Divine Center™ (

    The RH Divine Center offers a subscription service where you can receive monthly healing at a reasonable cost.

    We also offer weekly distance healing through our On-demand Healing Show™ platform.

    Coming Soon, Stay Tuned: On-demand Healing App.

    Our Vision
    "To unconditionally heal people from negativity and impurities to enhance their consciousness, bringing synergy between mind, body and soul; thereby recharging, recalibrating and resynchronizing them to their full human potential".