Recharge Positive Vibrations
Remove Negativity
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    Healing energy from INTERGALACTIC SPACE

    Rudra Healing Intergalactic™

    Exclusive version of Rudra Healing

    A Revolutionary Way to
    Undo Negativity Within Minutes

    Healing energy from PRIMORDIAL DIVINE OCEAN

    Rudra Healing Primordial™

    Exclusive version of Rudra Healing

    Distance Healing sessions NOW AVAILABLE.

    Energy Clearing & Cleansing
    A rapid, robust & reliable technique!

    Rise to your Hidden Potential & Maximize Your HAPPINESS!


    Let us HELP YOU find & maintain the balance & well-being in your life that was intended by GOD.

    Intuitive Guidance

    Receive pure divine guidance.

    Optimizing Life

    Optimize your life beyond

    Superb Satisfaction

    Targeted healing for guaranteed satisfaction.

    One Healing Solution

    One Healing solution for all types of Negativity.

    Enhance Your Life with Faith, Hope & Positive Vibrations.

    Spiritual Healing

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    Unlock yourself from worldly negativity &
    get blessed by the Universal Master.

    Your Immediate Priority:

    Spiritual Reading from Third Eye


    Get to know about your
    Body, Life & Health directly from Third Eye.

    15 Minutes $30


    Spiritual Consultation

    A complete package*

    Spiritual Reading

    Spiritual Reading

    Spiritual Reading

    General consultation
    Ask up to three questions
    Improvise on life aspects

    Remove Negativity

    Reduce Stress & Anxiety

    Remove Negativity

    Remove Negativity
    Annihilate Depression*
    Reduce Stress Anxiety

    Divine Healing

    Embrace Positivity

    Divine Healing

    Embrace positivity
    Regain inner strength
    Improve Lifestyle

    Spiritual Guidance

    Guidance for Spiritual Inclination

    Spiritual Guidance

    Guidance for spiritual inclination
    Explore Spiritual Paths
    Get Blessed

    Spiritual Guidance

    Individual Packages

    30 Minutes $101
    • 30 Minutes
    • 5 Life Questions
    • Spiritual Healing
    • Spiritual Guidance

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    45 Minutes $151
    • 45 Minutes
    • 5 Life Questions
    • Spiritual Healing
    • Spiritual Guidance

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    60 Minutes $201
    • 60 Minutes
    • 10 Life Questions
    • Spiritual Healing
    • Spiritual Guidance

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    The Divine Cyclone’sTM

    Erase Past Imprints Program

    Fix Your Past Life | Fix Your Traumas | Fix Your Karmas | Heal Your Past

    Bring Peace, Harmony, & Hope in Life.

    Forget, Forgive & Embrace New LifeTM

    The Karmic Eraser'sTM

    Erase Karmic Imprints Program

    Burn your Karmas | Remove Karma Baggage | Rewrite yourAkashic Records

    Recreate Your Destiny!!!

    Don’t worry, Be Karma HappyTM

    Services For Your Well-being

     We are the healing team that takes care of your Health & Spiritual well-being.


    The ancient Rudraksha Beads
    are now gaining importance in the present day as the healing properties of
    rudraksha are being identified for various physical & mental problems.

    On-Demand Healing From The Divine

    Receive Rudra Healing On Demand
    Whenever You Want & Wherever You Want.

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    Sync with Rudraji

    Receive Healing

    RH Space


    to access  Healing Services offered at your nearest
    RH Divine Center. 

    OMMM Space


    to access Yoga Services offered at your nearest
    Ommm Yoga Center.

    The Bliss Food™

    Healing first starts from within by eating
    Healthy & Nutritious Food

    Food (Aahar) plays a very vital role in life. The type of food we eat has a direct correlation with mental behavior, outlook, & thought process.


    Every gemstone have different characteristics, energies, & connection.
    And wearing these stones can empower you to be fully radiant & enhance specific quality.

    Our healing vibrant stones guides you with healing, purpose & support you in your Spiritual journey. The Energy blessing takes the dominant characteristic of the healing stones and radiates it maximizing overall influence on the wearer.