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Havan Healing™

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HAVAN (Homam) is a process to purify oneself by invoking the Fire God (Agni) through whom offerings are made to particular deities. It is a process in which positivity can be gained, karmas can be burned, negativity can be diminished and blessings from the Divine Energy can be received. It is a very simple yet profound way to heal oneself if performed correctly. While Rudra Healing is meant to unlock specific barriers in oneself, the Havan Healing is designed to help manage subtle energies. And it can be performed with guidance from Shri Rudraji.

We can perform it for you or it can be performed with guidance received from Rudraji. Depending upon your chosen deity, HAVAN results are often very soothing and healing. Our best recommendation is to perform Maha-Ganapati HAVAN every day before you begin or end your day. In addition, there are different types of HAVAN that are specially performed on designated days of the week to yield auspicious and desired results.

When to practice?

HAVAN is supposed to be performed at least once a week or daily. Having this as part of your daily routine can bestow miracles in your daily life. The resilient power can last all day protecting you and comforting you in many various ways. It can provide serenity and mental peace and physical easiness.

Additionally, the best time to perform a HAVAN is on Full-Moon day and No-Moon day. During these two days, the positive cosmic energies are at their all time high affecting all planetary objects. Every planetary object emits subtle frequencies. These frequencies affect all life on every planet on a daily basis at a subtle level. Any rigorous effort to connect and worship these Divine Cosmic Energies during these two days, reveals a great amount of benefits. And HAVAN is by far the best Spiritual way to harness the abundant positive cosmic power. It has the power to bring an almost instant change in one’s life.

How does it work?

HAVAN or HOMAM as it is called, is a very typical, direct method by which Divine Energy comes into the fire and receives the prayers of spiritual aspirants. We all see and feel our sthoola sareera (gross body), which is made up of gross matter. But, we also have a sookshma sareera (subtle body) made up of subtle matter. It cannot be perceived by the senses attached to the gross body (eyes, ears, nose etc). It contains thousands of nadis, which are essentially subtle channels of energy flow. A fire called bhootaagni (existential fire) burns in this subtle body. It is the subtle basis of one’s entire existence. It manifests in the gross body in the form of various fires. Examples are the “fire” in the stomach that helps one digest the food eaten and the “fire” in the brain that helps one digest and understand various sense experiences. This bhootaagni is vital to one’s existence. In most people, it is quite weak due to impurities and obstructions in the nadis of the subtle body, so this fire cannot burn strongly to energize the entire existence. When it burns low, the divine presence that can enter is quite limited in magnitude.

Benefits -

If one overcomes the internal weaknesses such as desire, anger, greed, false prestige, wantonness and jealousy,  then develops compassion, one-pointed devotion, detachment, and sheds one layer of ego and delusion after another, eventually the impurities in the nadis will be cleared and bhootaagni will burn strong. However, this is a very difficult and time-consuming process. One can take advantage of an external fire in that regard. As the deity of homam enters the external fire on a regular basis, the nearby divine presence burns the impurities in the nadis by burning various karmas (actions from the past, which will get corresponding reactions in the future) in the kaarana sareera (causal body). This eventually leads to the strengthening of bhootaagni.

After one performs homam for a long enough time, one’s nadis are cleared of the obstructions and one’s bhootaagni burns brightly. At that juncture, all sadhanas performed by one, including regular meditation, become much more effective. If bhootaagni can accommodate divine presence to a larger degree, the meditation becomes more effective.

The key to remember is that HAVAN always strengthens and heals oneself from within if done for a higher good.

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