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08 Jul
Spiritual Master
Rudra Healing™
Rudra Healing consists of Rudra's Energy, the purest and pious form of energy known free from impurities. It is the core cosmic energy emitted by the ultimate supreme Divine Sou...
08 Jul
Havan Healing™
HAVAN (Homam) is a process to purify oneself by invoking the Fire God (Agni) through whom offerings are made to particular deities. It is a process in which positivity can be ga...
08 Jul
Chakra Balancing
Each chakra has a different frequency of vibration, symbol, color, and sound that it is attuned to. When the chakra is balanced, clear, and energized it would be in tune and pla...
08 Jul
Aura Cleansing
Aura healing is a cleansing process repairing the electromagnetic energy field (Aura) which strengthens every aspect of life. It improves thoughts, emotions, behaviors, decision...
08 Jul
Kirtan Healing™
In Kirtan Healing Rudra's Energy (Rudra Healing) is distributed to a group of people who are healed to experience serenity and bliss. The higher cosmic energy is invoked touchin...
07 Jul
Om Healing™
Om healing is a system to get healed naturally with inhaling positive cosmic energy and exhaling negativity. The vibrations of chanting "Om" invites positivity, strengthens aura...
07 Jul
Cyrstal Healing
Every gemstone is said to have different characteristics, energies, and connection. And wearing these stones can empower you to be fully radiant & enhance specific quality. Our ...
07 Jul
Shri Rudram
Shri Rudram Chanting
Sri Rudram is a hymn dedicated to the "Rudra" form of God Shiva (supreme deity). It is taken from the Krishna Yajurveda (4.5, 4.7). It is also known as Sri Rudraprasna and Rudra...