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House Energy Clearing

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What is House Energy Clearing?

House Energy Clearing is a rapid, robust and reliable technique to remove unwanted energy imprints from a house/home or a secured area of the house space. It can be achieved with many self-sufficient ways and also through the healing energies of a Healer.

Why the need of it?

Energy imprints are always present within the space of a structure, object or item. Since everything in this world is interconnected with energy, the impact of energy shifts can be very substantial. Energy shifts mostly occur due to the presence of unhealthy, unwanted, impure and malevolent external energies that penetrate the environment, causing a disturbance in the synergy between you and your surroundings. It destroys the soothing, calming, benevolent and pure energy that empowers your personal energy space.

Why would you want to perform a House Energy Clearing in your home? 

Well, do you ever feel like there is something not right about your house?  For example: When people are in your house, do they feel depressed or are they more emotional? Do people act out in anger more often than before?  These things could be happening in your house because of negative forces or negative energies that are present.  This negativity can also affect the people in the house in a physical manner where the person actually becomes ill and has poor health, especially after extended exposure to such negativity.  This is when a House Energy Clearing can be done to clear away any negative energy.  After the clearing has been done, everyone in the house can have a sigh of relief, because now the house feels good and is full of positivity.

How does it work?

There are many known ways to perform House Energy clearing/cleansing. Few common in-house energy clearing/cleansing methods are -

  1. A common superficial, basic way to control the negative energy within your house is to burn a negative energy repellent such as white sage or palo santo.  When you do this, you need to waft the smoke into the corners of the room either with your hand or some people use feathers.  But the most important part of this process is you intent.  You have to use your voice in a strong manner to assert yourself in the space. Say something like, " Begone all negative energies from this place."
  2. There is also a product called Florida Water that can also be sprayed in the corners as well.  But your voice and the intent behind it is very powerful.  These are all maintenance type things that can be done to control the energy after a thorough clearing has been done. 
  3. An experienced healer can do a more effective job of performing a thorough energy clearing because they are aware of the energy matrix and have learned how to interact with it to create positive results. 

Certainly our Healing Energy Experts can assist you since we are the experts in this field.

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