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Holi Festival is also known as “Festival of Color”. It is one of most celebrated festivals all over the world. People of different belief systems come together and enjoy playing with colors; sing kirtan and perform Yoga.

What is Holi?
- Holi festival originated in the Indian part of the Asian subcontinent. It has its roots deeply tied with ancient belief of burning one’s negative energies to gain positivity. The first day (Holika Dahan) is celebrated as triumph of good on bad by burning wood and dung cakes in a ritual pyre. On the second day (Rangwali Holi) participants throw color on each other as they dance and rejoice with colorful & joyful ambience.

Who can play Holi?
- Anyone who has NO asthma or breathing related issues or acute breathlessness.

What kind of colors are used in Holi?
- Everyone can buy colors from any retail stores that carry non-piousness edible colors.
- Usually we will buy them in advance & make them available for you for nominal charge. (CASH ONLY)

How to minimize color effect on skin and hair?
- One could apply moisturizer beforehand to prevent color powder gluing on skin.
- One could apply oil on hair beforehand so it is easier to remove color.